lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2014

Exploring New York City #1

Caffe Bene
I've been living in New York City for the past 7 months and I really enjoy what the city has to offer, yesterday I took a vacation from my vacation (I can't wait to go back to work) and decided to explore the city. Me and one of my coworkers went to a little café called "Caffe Bene" located between 36th ST and 7th Ave. I was introduced to it by my coworker who insisted on going there to "get inspiration" to write on her blogs (which she didn't do).

We ordered a red velvet slice of cake which was good, I've never tried red velvet before. and for my first impression I must say it was good, not over the top I wanna eat this every single day of my life good but it was good.

By the time we were finished it was still early and the city was still awake (I mean, it never went to sleep) so we decided to walk around the city until we find something to do.

After a while we went to Macy's to check out some of the decorations that our company did and some others that the store did.

This is one of the decorations that drawn my attention, the craftsmanship that was put up is amazing, from the branches to the rotating ornament, I really loved it.

We ended up going to the movies since there was nothing else on our minds plus we get discount tickets through our job, long story short, we bought 2 3D movie tickets to the Penguins movie for $8 each. I didn't take any pictures after that but I'm going to put some of the ones that I took with my new camera which I didn't tell you, I got the Nikon D3200 bundle (the body, 2 lenses and I camera bag) on cyber monday  for $600 taxes included.

I'm planning on making more of the "Exploring New York City" series on my blog so stay tuned for that.