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My First Thoughts On Shake Shack

The first week that I arrived to the United States my cousins made a list of places where they were going to take me, one of those was Shake Shack, after almost a year of me being here we decided to go. One of my cousins is in love of with the place and she was getting me all excited so that's why I can't wait to share My First Thoughts On Shake Shack.

We took a train and went to the one at 86th St in NYC, the line wasn't long at all which was awesome and we ordered in less than 10 minutes.

Since I've never been there I didn't know exactly what to order but my cousins told me that the burgers weren't that big so knowing me I bought one Double Shack Burger, a Single Hamburger and Cheese Fries, what can I say? I love food and I love eating, the total went to around $20 which wasn't the best deal for me. We waited for like 15 minutes to get our food, of course since I was the one who ordered more food I had to wait he longest.

The burgers were good, not over the top good but really good, you can taste that is real meat and the sauce is amazing, I don't know exactly what it's made of or how it's called but one thing I know is that is really good, the fries were delicious too, the cheese that they use is really taste, one thing I wish is that the prices were a little lower but for the quality that you get is reasonable I guess, I would definitely recommended and go again, next time I want to try the Irish Fries while they're still around.

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Have you ever had Shake Shack before? if so let me know in the comments below.

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