jueves, 26 de marzo de 2015

Magnet Theater Free Improv Classes

A couple of weeks ago I was having this feeling inside of wanting to do something new, something exciting that was out of my comfort zone, then I remembered one video of Grace Helbig where she says that when she was living in New York she first started going to improv classes to get herself out there and do things she normally wouldn't do, so naturally I did the same, I was looking for some improv classes in New York City on Google when I came across with the Magnet Theater website (located at 254 West 29th St 8th Ave, New York), they were offering Magnet Theater Free Improv Classes so I thought that was the perfect opportunity.

Me and my friend RSVP our spots for the class and everything was set, the day of the class we went to the theater and everyone in there was so lovely and helpful, since it was the first time that any of us was there, we didn't know anything about the place so we felt relieved when one of the guys that worked there helped us finding the classroom. The class was about 12 people all with a different background and really diverse, the class was imparted by Hannah Chase, he had such a fun personality, something that felt very welcoming, we did group activities, we even did some improv sketches that were really funny plus at the end of the class they give you 2 free tickets to watch any of the plays that they present.

I encourage everyone who lives in the NYC area to take a class, they are still giving free classes, even if you're not into acting, is a really fun experience to do with your friends and/or partner, so go check out there website for more information about the Magnet Theater Free Improv Classes.

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