lunes, 12 de enero de 2015

The American Dream

Since I was a little boy living in the Dominican Republic I always heard people talking about the "American Dream" to me that meant to come to the United States and basically work for years and years until you had enough money to buy property back in my country and rent it so you could live out of it, that was basically it.

Now that I've been living here for quite a while (about 8 months now) I can say that it's true but it's not only that, living the American Dream means not giving up on your dreams and reach that point of your life when you feel like you have accomplished all those goals you set to yourself a while ago, all that while living in the United States and taking advantage of everything this country has to offer.

When I was little I never thought I would be living in New York, have a job and actually have all this opportunities, I'm no near to where I wanna be in life but this is just the start, I have plans for my life and I want to achieve my goals without losing who I am and my essence, having my own company, having a family, living without money problems are just a few of those goals.

I'm a true believer of the phrases "follow your dreams" and "be yourself", I know it sounds cheesy but I've seen too many Disney movies and they have taught me to fight for my dreams and never give up on them, even if you don't know who do you wanna be or what do you want for your future is always good to set goals, whether they are long term or to be achieved in a short period of time.

domingo, 4 de enero de 2015

New Year's Resolutions: Expectations vs. Reality

Happy holidays and a late happy new year. I hope each and one of you had an amazing time with your loved ones. You know that at this time of the year most of the people make "New Year's Resolutions" and I'm not going to lie, I was one of those people until I finally gave up and realized that just because is a new year doesn't necessarily mean that is a new me and that's why I decided to write a post about it where I show you the  New Year's Resolutions: Expectations vs. Reality.

Resolution #1: Lose weight

Expectation: This is one of the most popular if not the most popular of all, at some point of our lives we decided to lose weight but it's not Monday or it's December 29th so we wait for that special day, we get pumped up to start going to the gym, create a Pinterest board about healthy foods and another one about fitness stuff.

Reality: it's January 10th and the gym is packed so you decide to not go that day, suddenly you forgot you had a membership until they charged you the next month, that Pinterest account you had, you don't even remember the password.

Resolution #2: Get a better Job/Education

Expectation: This is the year where you're gonna get that promotion and you wanna start studying again, that 5 year school break is finally over and you're ready for college, on the other side you know in your heart that you're going to get that job.

Reality: You get stuck on your work and you can't stand your coworkers plus the pay is awful, you try to look for another job but can't find anything, is like all the job positions were taken in one day, that school that you applied didn't accept you and now is too late to apply for fall, well 2016 it's on its way right?

Resolution #3: Keep your blog updated

Expectation: This is one of the resolutions that I struggled the most, even though I wouldn't called it a resolution (because I set this goal all year long) but for the purpose of this post let's leave it at that. You make a list of posts that you're going to write, you get super excited because this is the year when your blog is gonna get discovered and you're gonna make tons of money out of it.

Reality: You sit on your computer for hours trying to think on what to write, while you do that someone messages you on Facebook and you HAVE to reply to them. When you finally start to type on your blank page you get a call from that friend that you haven't talk to in a long time so you leave the writing process for another time, next day you sit again and actually write a good paragraph only to realize that what you wrote doesn't make any sense and you give up your dreams on becoming a famous blogger.

The moral of the story is not to make New Year's Resolutions but life goals, and don't wait until the next year, start TODAY, those resolutions will not the accomplished by their own.