sábado, 25 de octubre de 2014


Hello everybody, and by everybody I mean me, I hope you are having a great day or night, welcome to my blog Living With Juan, I know the tittle can be really confusing because all the sudden you´re living with me (I'm Juan in case you didn't know) and you are now thinking how did you get here?, how our relationship got that serious? without even know that we had one, anyways, I just wanted to name this blog something related to what it is (a lifestyle blog) and also that would incorporate my name on it.

As I mentioned this is (going to be) a lifestyle blog meaning that I'll post things that I'm interested in and I hope you too, things like food, crafting, the NYC life, maybe one or two tips on how to maintain a clean house or how NOT to do it, depending on how I feel that day. I'm like the perfect housewife, only that a)I'm not married (anyone interested?) and b)that I'm not a natural blonde,

I guess I should start telling you a little bit about myself because let's face it, who wants to know about a 21 year old dominican guy who is living in New York who likes to cook, craft and take pixelated pictures with his phone? well I guess that is who I am, but yeah one of my passions is cooking, the other one is crafting, I like watching TV series and I'm also into video making, I decided to combine all of that in one platform thanks to one of my coworkers that advice me to follow my dreams (every single one of them at the same time) since New York is where people become themselves and no matter who you are and what you want to be this is the place for it, so this is my shot at it.

I won't keep you for much longer, thank you for reading my first post and I hope you stay for what next to come,

Here's a picture of when I came to the US for the first time (May 17th, 2014).To me it means a new beginning in life just like this blog(Remember what I told you about the pixelated pictures?)

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